about-sidebarAfter years of collegial relationships between the members of these separate offices, Doctors Robert Jacobson, John York, and Paul Kaplan knew that the consolidation of their three practices could provide superior services in obstetrics, gynecology, and fertility during the crucial time before, during, and after a woman’s childbearing years. As a group, they decided the practice should be large enough to offer a comprehensive variety of obstetric and gynecological services, yet small enough to ensure that each patient would receive the complete and undivided attention she deserves. In 1988, Women’s Medical Services, Oakway OB/GYN, and Kaplan & Herz joined together under one name to create Women’s Care, Lane County’s oldest independent physician group specializing in women’s health. In 1991, as the practice expanded, the Oakway and Kaplan & Herz Centers were combined and the physicians moved their offices to Country Club Road. At this new and improved facility, doctors now had their own lab for on-site testing and access to imaging services, and the efficiency of service at Women’s Care continued to evolve.

As the practice grew, the clinic needed to expand its services to accommodate the growing need for varied obstetric and gynecological services in the Eugene/Springfield area. In 1998, two new specialty groups of perinatology and gynecologic oncology were added to the practice, and Women’s Care became the first practice in Lane County to provide care to these women. The inclusion of care for high-risk patients in these categories has allowed Women’s Care to dramatically improve the quality of women’s care within our community as a whole.

In response to an increasing demand for more programs and facilities such as these in the Lane County area, Women’s Care built a state-of-the-art clinic in the RiverBend area that still thrives today. This practice is in close proximity to the RiverBend Medical Center, and convenient for patients and families coming to and from the hospital.

Today, Women’s Care continues to operate out of the Country Club and RiverBend locations and offers a vast array of services for women with diverse needs. With access to leading technology, equipment, on-site testing and procedures, Women’s Care is able to provide patients in Lane County with unparalleled care.