How do I get access to records from your office personally or send them to another location?

If you wish for your records to be sent to another location or would like a copy for personal records, please fill out a Release of Information (ROI) form. We can mail, fax, or securely email records. We also can have them prepared for pickup at our office.
When filling out the Release of Information form, please keep in mind to:
-INITIAL the documents you wish to release on the form.
-Be specific in what you wish to release. If you are looking for a certain document, please include it in the “Other” portion of the document.
-Provide the name, phone, and fax/address for the location or person you want the documents to be sent to in the “Records Released To:” portion of the form.
-Sign the document; we cannot accept a typed signature.
-Mail or fax to: 3355 Riverbend Dr. Suite 210 Springfield OR, 97477 Fax: (541) 686 -8330

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