What is a midwife and what do they do?

The midwives at Women’s Care are Certified Nurse-Midwives (CNMs), which means they are registered nurses. These nurses completed graduate coursework and clinical training from an accredited education program. Our board-certified midwives guide patients from the prenatal through postpartum phases of pregnancy. CMNs offer holistic, compassionate care that is mindful of the individual.

Throughout a patient’s pregnancy, a midwife may:

  • Conduct prenatal exams and order tests
  • Give patients information and resources to make informed decisions
  • Offer support and advice
  • Help prepare for labor and birth
  • Look at a baby’s health, growth and position
  • Provide emotional support
  • Offer advice on nutrition, exercise and staying healthy
  • Monitor progress and offer strategies during labor
  • Coach you through a natural birth or offer pain relief when necessary
  • Get specialized medical attention if needed
  • Support new mothers with breastfeeding
  • Demonstrate bathing and diaper changing techniques
  • Conduct some newborn health screenings

Midwives can offer a personalized health care experience, defined in partnership between a patient and the midwife. Each midwife experience could be unique, depending on the individual.