Women’s Care Launches Electronic Medical Record

While old-fashioned warmth and compassion will always be essential to the care we provide, the physicians of Women’s Care realize that there is a place for technology in our daily lives.

Women’s Care, along with five other local specialty offices, has undergone the largest of technological advances: we’ve moved from a paper chart to an electronic medical record (EMR). There are innumerable advantages to taking this huge step, but the most important is ensuring the health and well-being of our patients. Components of our new system include an increased ability to anticipate and avoid adverse drug interactions and allergies, a better system for tracking preventive screening results and needs, and an increase in testing efficiency. Additionally, we hope you’ll notice quicker response times for lab results and prescription refills, and improved communication with Women’s Care physicians and staff in general. This all translates into better care for our patients.

The next time you’re in we’ll ask to take your photo for your new electronic record. This photo is especially important so we can be certain your medical record belongs to you and is one more way that we can offer the strictest possible security to your personal health information. Be assured that the EMR has built-in safeguards to protect the privacy and confidentiality of your medical record.

For more information about the EMR, please contact Jennifer Ocker at 345-7756.