Labor Instructions

What to Do if You Think You are in Labor or Your Water Breaks:

  • Please call 541.686.2922 or 541.868.9700.
  • If the office is open (weekdays 8:30 am to 5:00 pm), we may have you come in to be examined or direct you to labor and delivery.
  • If the office is closed (weekends, evenings, and holidays), you will be connected with a member of our nursing staff.

When to Go to the Hospital or Call the Office

Contractions: Labor contractions often start 15 to 20 minutes apart and become progressively closer and increase in strength. With your first baby, contractions are not likely to cause progressive dilation of the cervix until they are four to five minutes apart. False labor is common. Contractions of false labor may be painful but are usually irregular, less than 30 seconds in duration, and do not become more frequent or regular with time. Call if you are having regular contractions every four to five minutes for one hour.

Ruptured or leaking bag of water: Although your bag of water usually breaks or is broken during labor, this may occur prior to the onset of labor. Usually, when your bag of water breaks, it is a gush, however, it may be a trickle. You should call regardless of whether or not you are having contractions if you think that your water may have broken.

Bleeding: Slight spotting or staining may occur during the last few weeks of your pregnancy, especially if you had a pelvic exam. This should not be alarming. Heavy bleeding or a gush of bright red blood may be significant. If you have heavy bleeding or if there is severe pain with bleeding, you should call your physician/midwife immediately.

Severe abdominal pain: This may indicate a serious condition. Please call immediately.

Arrival at the hospital: Please register at the admissions desk in the first floor lobby. Once the admissions process has been completed, you will be escorted to labor and delivery. You will initially be evaluated by an experienced certified labor and delivery nurse who will contact the physician/midwife on call and inform us of your condition.

If at any time you are unsure of any symptoms you are having, please feel free to call 541.686.2922 or 541.868.9700 for advice.

You may call these office numbers day or night. If the office is closed, you will be connected to our nursing staff.