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peopleWomen’s Care is an independent group of physicians in Eugene and Springfield, Oregon committed to exceptional care for women through all through phases of their lives –  from adolescence through menopause. We believe in health partnerships that honor patient individuality and dignity.


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Doctor Appreciation Day!







In Honor of Doctor Appreciation Day, the team of employees from Women’s Care wishes to extend our sincerest Thank You to each of our wonderful Physicians! Your dedication to your patients, employees, & to your colleagues is amazing!

We Appreciate You!

Women’s Care

The Fertility Center of Oregon

Brant Cooper, MD

Cristin Babcock, MD

Melissa Edwards, MD

Kimberly Bock, MD

Douglas Austin, MD

Peter Hatfield, MD

Jennifer Freeman, MD

Matthew Haugen, MD

Frederick Green, MD

Center For Genetics & Maternal Fetal Medicine

Tina Schnapper, MD

Robert Jacobson, MD

Suzanne Temple, MD

Paula Jewett, MD

Keith Balderston, MD

Jennifer Tufariello, MD

Brooke Kyle, MD

Charlotte Clausen, MD

Heather York, MD

Gary LeClair, MD

Vern Katz, MD

John York, MD

Catherine York, MD