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Advanced Laparoscopy – it’s not your mother’s hysterectomy

In years past, a hysterectomy was viewed by many patients and physicians as a sort of “cure-all” for a range of disorders that affected the maturing woman. At the time, it surely was the most effective available treatment for a lot of these conditions. Even as non-surgical intervention and medical treatment advanced, however, many patients still held to the idea of receiving a hysterectomy once they reached a certain age. Early on in my medical training, for instance, I was routinely visited by women in their early to mid 40′s who came to see me because “it was time for [their] hysterectomy.” Their mothers, aunts, and grandmothers all had hysterectomies in their 40s and 50s, so they thought it was just something you did as you aged. Contrary to popular belief, we doctors aren’t anxious to take our patients into the operating room. In fact, that is often our last resort, when all other non-surgical treatments have failed. We spend quite a bit of time educating our patients regarding hysterectomies and the wide range of other options available to them that would let them avoid surgery.

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