Things You Need to Plan Before You Get to the Hospital

Camera/Video Policy

The birth of your child is an important milestone in your family and as such, some families choose to capture their birth on film. Because of the potential distraction this may cause, it is our policy not to allow video cameras of any sort in the delivery room. Cameras taking still photos may be used unless directed otherwise by the delivering physician/midwife.

Labor Your Way

You have so many options during the birth process. Some women choose no pain relief while others are specific about wanting an epidural. Whatever your decisions, we will support your choice. Be sure to talk to your physician or midwife about your preferences and how to navigate these at the hospital.

You Will Be Tired!

It is not uncommon to be exhausted after childbirth. After all, your body has been through an enormous change in the past 10 months. Please have specific plans for visitors while you are in the hospital. Sometimes well-meaning friends and family overwhelm new parents with frequent and untimely visits. Let them know ahead of time what your feelings are about visits.


If you have a boy, it is important to consider and talk with your pediatrician about circumcision. It is a personal and sometimes cultural issue. In this community, the pediatricians perform the circumcisions so they are your best resource on this issue.