Napkin Notes Wipe Away the Worries Leaving a Lasting Impression

Analyzing urine samples are a routine part of prenatal care. A urine assessment is conducted periodically throughout prenatal appointments to screen for bladder or kidney infections, diabetes, dehydration and preeclampsia. But throughout her pregnancy, Alyssa Loyd, a patient of Dr. Brooke Kyle, made the mundane task of peeing in a cup something to write home about.

Like her grandfather, Alyssa has always been a napkin note writer. While some people jot down breakthrough ideas and sketches on napkins, Alyssa used a Sharpie and bathroom paper towels to bring laughter to the Women’s Care staff.

“Every time Alyssa left a urine sample during each prenatal visit, she would leave my assistant, Jen Martin, a note,” said Dr. Brooke Kyle. “We really grew to look forward to these napkin notes at every visit!”

Some notes were jokes: “Why can’t Chuck Norris turn in a urine sample? He scares the pee right out of it!”

Other notes were haikus: “A Haiku for Jen: Lonely urine cup / Waits for lab work all alone / Here in the darkness.”

Alyssa scribbled original poetry onto other napkins: “Roses are red, violets are blue. My pee is bright yellow, so my love can shine through.”

After giving birth to a baby girl, Eisley, Alyssa wrote her last note at her postpartum visit, reading, “Let’s just hope this doesn’t test positive for pregnancy.”

Thank you, Alyssa, for bringing joy to Women’s Care, and congratulations to your growing family.