Benefits of Laborists in Hospitals and OB/GYN Practices

A laborist is a certified OB/GYN, who is dedicated to delivering babies or responding to obstetrical and gynecological emergencies at a hospital. Having laborists as part of an OB/GYN practice or hospital staff is standard across the country and is an innovative care model that supports more available, continuous and comprehensive care.

Here is how you can benefit from a laborist:

Your OB/GYN gets better support to care for you throughout your pregnancy.

In a traditional care model, OB/GYN doctors split their time between delivering babies at a hospital and seeing patients at their offices for general exams and procedures. While patients in this model have the same doctor throughout their pregnancy, doctors are working unpredictable schedules that might have them delivering a baby in the middle of the night and then attending to a full schedule of appointments the next day. Laborists are intended to support, not replace, OB/GYNs during delivery and emergency situations.

You get better, safer care.

According to a statement from The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, having an immediately available, well-rested physician can enhance patient safety and improve outcomes. Laborists allow practicing OB/GYNS to take time off to take a break and replenish their energy, reducing the need to reschedule patient appointments. Well-rested physicians provide better care, especially in times of critical need.

24-hour coverage

Laborists work a set schedule (typically 12-hour shifts), which gives physicians guaranteed time off to rest and, more importantly, offers patients 24-hour medical coverage. Laborists ensure that patients are receiving the highest level of specialized care, either from their doctor or another board-certified physician. All of the Women’s Care doctors share calls in order to care for patients in both their offices and at the hospital.

Meet the Women’s Care laborists

At Women’s Care, we have laborists on staff to help increase patient safety and satisfaction. They allow our doctors to ensure all of their patients are taken care of while also providing the capacity to get enough rest. Together, our team of doctors provides around the clock, compassionate care.

If you would like to learn more about our laborist program or talk to one of our laborists, contact us at our Eugene or Springfield location.