Patients Benefit from Electronic Prescribing

Women’s Care is making it quicker, safer and cheaper for our patients to fill prescriptions. By using prescribing software, we send electronic prescriptions directly to the pharmacy of your choice. Here are the benefits for you:

  • You won’t have to deliver a paper prescription to the pharmacy and wait to have your prescription filled. Simply inform the pharmacy staff that you have an electronic prescription waiting for you.
  • When you request a refill from the pharmacy, the request is sent to Women’s Care by computer rather than fax or phone. This means we can confirm the refill quickly so you get your medication sooner.
  • The prescription software lets your physician view the selection of medications preferred by your health plan, possibly saving you money.
  • The software provides your prescription history from other physician offices, alerting your Women’s Care provider to possible adverse medications or reactions in your medical background.Please note that some restricted (Schedule 2) narcotics must still be prescribed with written prescriptions only.