The Importance of Annual Exams

Smiling womanWhen was the last time you had an annual wellness visit with your gynecologist? Perhaps a year ago? Maybe two? Life can be busy, and for most women, daily obligations often make it difficult to find time for important things like doctors appointments.  However, when you’re not healthy you’re not at your best, and this affects both you and your family.

When you postpone annual exams with your gynecologist, you increase your risk of late-stage illness. Denying yourself the benefits associated with early-stage detection, treatment, and management of highly preventable illnesses, may cause unnecessary emotional and financial strains on you and your family. In addition, dealing with late-stage illness management may also prevent you from spending quality time with your family and friends, as your health would then depend on numerous doctor visits, treatments, or even surgeries. Prioritizing your health through annual exams is one of the most important steps you can take toward illness prevention.

In addition to the benefits associated with illness screening and prevention, the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists highlights the fact that annual exams are an important educational setting for patients. Attending your scheduled annual exam is a great opportunity to learn about birth control methods and family planning, pregnancy, breast health and self-care, and additional health recommendations. If you are a woman transitioning into menopause, your annual wellness exam may also provide you with a chance to receive one-on-one guidance to understand perimenopause, menopause and your post menopausal years, as well as the importance of maintaining your bone health and an active lifestyle.

By regularly attending your annual exam with your gynecologist, you are better able to identify, understand, and address your health concerns. Receiving one-on-one education from your doctor empowers you to take greater control over your health.

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