Ahead of the Times in Postpartum Depression Screening

9639681482_a9445a64b1_oFor the last four years, the physicians at Women’s Care have been screening before and after delivery for postpartum depression, postpartum blues and other mood disorders. We started the initiative due to our concern that postpartum depression was being underdiagnosed. We care about our mothers and families and wanted to make sure they were completely well, both physically and emotionally.

We routinely started screening with nationally recommended depression diagnosis tools and created electronic medical record forms to ensure patients follow up with counseling and other important treatment aids. We found that these tools drastically increased the detection of postpartum depression, allowing more women to receive treatment.

This week, the US Preventive Service Task Force released recommendations that women should be screened before and after childbirth for depression, anxiety and other emotional concerns. The doctors at Women’s Care feel this is vital, which is why we developed the same procedure years ago. Women’s Care is ahead of the times when it comes to your health!

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