The Importance of the Fourth Trimester

What is the Fourth Trimester?

Postpartum health for new moms, now commonly referred to as the fourth trimester, is just as important as the other trimesters in making sure that both baby and mom are doing well. Filling out a Fourth Trimester Plan to identify your support system and strategies ahead of time will help to make a smooth transition once your baby arrives.

Strategies for New Moms

Identifying who your support network is and having a care coordinator can help to ensure that when you are feeling overwhelmed, people are there to support and help care for you and your baby. Creating a list of those you can reach out to in times of need is a great way to ease some of the stress that may come after giving birth. It is important to say yes to extra support and help during this time. Having the Fourth Trimester Plan on hand is a convenient way for you to know whom to contact when you need support.

Strategies for the Baby

Another great way to prepare for the fourth trimester is to have your pediatrician’s name and number, your planned feeding method, where the baby will sleep, and some soothing methods you intend to use for your baby. Thinking through these topics prior to your baby’s arrival will help ease your transition into the fourth trimester.

Safe Sleeping Strategies

Creating a sleep schedule for your baby will help to ease the fourth trimester transition. Bathing, feeding, reading, rocking and finally laying your baby on their back to sleep is a simple and safe routine for you and your baby. Filling out where your baby will sleep, soothing methods you plan to use and a simple sleep routine on the Fourth Trimester Plan is a great way to get prepared for the arrival of your baby.

Mental Health

Mental health is a top priority during the fourth trimester for new moms. Creating a list of ways to engage in self-care and stress relieving activities such as taking a bath, doing yoga, walking, exercising and journaling are all great ways to support your wellbeing during this time. Having this laid out in your plan, means you are more likely to take in these activities that are crucial for your health in the fourth trimester.

WellMama Support

A great resource we recommend utilizing during the fourth trimester is WellMama. WellMama is a group of mental health supporters for parents and caregivers that provide you with free, non-judgmental support no matter how you are feeling in your postpartum journey. Visit WellMama for more details about receiving additional support from WellMama in the fourth trimester.

Additional Strategies

In addition to the strategies mentioned above, other ways to help the fourth trimester transition includes having friends and family help cook or grocery shop, letting a friend set up a meal train, or having a list of food preferences for those who do cook for you. Having these items laid out on your Fourth Trimester Plan will make it easier and more accessible for you and your support system.

All of this information and more can be found in our Fourth Trimester Plan. Women’s Care is here to support you and wants to ensure a healthy fourth trimester for moms and babies. Contact WellMama or us today if you are in need of support.