Meet Our New Midwives – A Vital Part of the Team

Women’s Care is excited to welcome two new midwives, Kate & Madison, to our team. As we start the New Year, we are excited to grow and continue serving our community with the expertise and care that gave us our name. Women’s Care is here to support your health, your way and are proud to offer options to best fit your needs.

Our Range of Care
The midwives at Women’s Care are here for you no matter what stage of life.

We have an amazing team that is highly trained to support you in your health. Our growing team of midwives, supported by our doctors and specialists, work closely together to ensure you are getting the care needed throughout your life. We are here every step of the way.

When it comes to pregnancy and birth we pair evidence-based practice with our knowledgeable team of midwives to care for you and your low risk pregnancy. We offer a comfortable setting within the safety of a hospital for your low intervention birth and support you by listening to what is right for you, your pregnancy and your family.

Also within Women’s Care we offer gynecology appointments, imaging, and fertility. We have what you need for your health.

Safety and Support
Our number one priority at Women’s Care is your safety. We have the luxury of backing our midwife team with a team of providers to meet a wide range of needs throughout the stages of a women’s life. Should your care go from simple to complex or low-risk to high-risk, we have a team that is ready to step in at any stage.

When it comes to pregnancy, the experienced midwives are here for you and prioritize your safety by delivering in a hospital setting with a Level 3 NICU. With a full hospital staff on standby, mom and baby have the highest level of support in the safest environment available.

Our whole team is ready to welcome you and your family with any support you may need. We truly care about our patients and want what is best for them at every step of the way. Call us today at (541) 868-9700 to set up an appointment to get started with our Women’s Care team.