Thirty-Seven to Forty-Week Visits

Body Changes

A thick white vaginal discharge is normal at this time. Use sanitary napkins if necessary, not tampons. If this discharge becomes bloody and develops a bad odor or causes burning or itching, contact your physician/midwife.

Fetal Growth

By the end of this period, the baby will be 20 inches in length and will weigh about 7 1⁄2 pounds. If this is your first baby, the head will often drop into your pelvis and engage in position for birth. If you’ve had a baby before, this may not occur until you are in labor.

Can I Help Bring On Labor?

There are many suggestions that have been given to pregnant women to start labor (walking, going over speed bumps, eating pepperoni pizza, taking castor oil) and THEY DON’T WORK!!!! Be patient and get lots of rest. Labor cannot be predicted.