Beyond the Bump: Empowering Parents through Classes

Did you know that Women’s Care offers classes on childbirth, breastfeeding and newborn baby care?

Available to all Women’s Care patients, the classes our team offers are designed to be easy, accessible and full of information to help ease the transition from pregnancy to bringing your little one home.

Each class is led by knowledgeable educators who are experienced in the topics they teach. The monthly classes are virtual, offering the convenience of attending from the comfort of your home while allowing you to seamlessly integrate them into your busy schedule.

Childbirth Class Series

Our Childbirth classes cover a variety of topics surrounding childbirth, with video and handout resources available to follow along with the educator’s lesson plan. This class is recommended to be taken two to three months ahead of your due date. This class series has resources available in Spanish as well.

The Childbirth Series follows a three-class structure.

Class 1: This course covers what to do with late pregnancy, providing insights into the nuances of normal labor—discussing sensations and coping strategies—while also exploring variations in the labor process. Additionally, participants will get to watch informative video content showcasing three distinct births, alongside techniques for relaxation and focused breathing.

Class 2: This class will cover the choices surrounding childbirth; what kind of medications are available, how labor support might look to you, and information on epidurals and intrathecals.

Class 3: The final class will address the transition to home life following childbirth, discussing the physical and emotional changes that may be encountered, as well as newborn characteristics. Additionally, the session will touch upon the effects of both vaginal and cesarean births on mothers and babies.


Our breastfeeding classes are monthly meetings that can be attended at any month that works for you, led by our certified lactation consultant. We also offer the option to meet with our lactation consultant via telephone or an in-office consultation to create the most comfortable experience possible. In case you miss your preferred class, our breastfeeding session includes handouts and a video to watch at your convenience.

Our lactation consultant will cover the benefits of breastfeeding your newborn, the do’s and don’ts of feeding, and information on how breastfeeding works for both you and your baby.

Newborn Baby Care

This class is led by the physicians at Eugene Pediatric Associates and is dedicated to educating new parents on the joys and complexities of welcoming the newest member into the family.

While the other class series primarily focuses on the birthing parent and that process, this class is encouraged for all new parents to take, as it covers information on sleeping, baby care at home, car safety and when to call your provider on your child’s development. This class is also paired with video and handout resources for easy access at any time.

Whether you’re preparing for childbirth, navigating breastfeeding or learning about newborn care, our resources and support are here for you every step of the way. Remember, you’re not alone on this journey. At Women’s Care, we’re dedicated to supporting you and your growing family with knowledge, care and compassion. We look forward to accompanying you on this incredible journey of parenthood!