Midwife Program Updates

Midwife Program Providers Expansion

Lots of exciting changes have been taking place within our midwife program. Women’s Care is thrilled to have two midwives joining our team! Brooklynne Travis joined Women’s Care in March. She moved with her family from Salt Lake City, Utah and we are so excited to have her with us. Tina Colwell is another lovely addition to our team, coming from Upstate New York. We have 24/7 midwife coverage and we are so happy to be able to provide this to our patients. We are excited to be growing and can’t wait to have our patients meet them!

Midwife Madeline Katz with patient at Women's Care Midwifery Center.

Midwives Learn New Birth Facilitation Technique

In addition to our practice adding two wonderful midwives, Chris and Madeleine recently attended a Spinning Babies® workshop. Spinning Babies® is an internationally renowned approach to facilitating physiologic birth. This approach implements specific positions and myofascial release methods during pregnancy and birth. The Spinning Babies® techniques has been reported to be useful in providing musculoskeletal pain relief in pregnancy, assist with rotating babies so that they are in an optimal position for birth and helps babies get low in the pelvis, as well as facilitate labor progress. Madeleine and Chris are looking forward to applying these techniques to their patient care.

Nitrous Oxide for Pain Management

The midwife program is also excited to share that PeaceHealth Riverbend is in the process of adding Nitrous Oxide as an option for pain relief for our laboring patients. Nitrous Oxide (also known as laughing gas) has been used for decades in hospitals in Europe and the US. It is used to assist with relaxation and coping during labor. It is a fast-acting gas with minimal side effects and no long-term studies have found adverse effects on a baby’s wellbeing. Nitrous Oxide is found to be an effective option for pain management and allows patients to stay mobile. The hospital is currently in the process of approving the use of Nitrous Oxide on the Labor floor. The midwives at Women’s Care are looking forward to having another option for pain management for our mamas in labor.

COVID-19 Tips

Lastly, as we all are aware, Coronavirus (COVID-19) has been rapidly spreading internationally as well as within the Pacific Northwest. As a reminder to our patients, hand washing (for at least 20 seconds!) is essential to preventing transmission, as well as limiting social contact. If you are experiencing flu-like symptoms, specifically a cough and fever, please call our triage line before your appointment. Additional information on how Women’s Care is responding to Coronavirus can be found on our website. The CDC is also a reputable resource we recommend to find additional information and updates. Remember to take care during this stressful time. We hope you and your families stay safe and well.