Our Practice

Women’s Care obstetrics and gynecology in Eugene and Springfield, Oregon takes care of all women, from the cradle to menopause, and is one of the area’s strongest advocates for women’s health.

We understand that all women have different desires, and we personalize care. As an independent group, we don’t have anyone telling us how we do business or what to do with our patients. Instead, we are constantly reevaluating the patient-doctor relationship so that each party has a stake in whether this connection works or not. With this, we have autonomy as a practice and the flexibility to keep internal cooperation as a top priority. It is crucial for us to offer innovation, control, patient input, and a competitive price to create the best service we can for our patients.

Women’s Care also offers the latest technology and in-office procedures that aren’t being administered anywhere else in this area. Rather than outsourcing to ancillary surgical centers, our capabilities and lab equipment is more cost-effective for the patient as well as more convenient for both parties. If the need arises for a patient to contact us after hours with an emergency, we are always only a phone call away with our 24-hour appointment line. Our answering service will contact the physician on call and will be assisting you shortly. Our patients always come first and our staff knows how urgent answers can be.