Maternal-Fetal Medicine

maternalfetal-sidebarThe Center for Genetics and Maternal-Fetal Medicine specializes in the assessment of the health of the baby prior to birth. The assessment may include evaluating family history and the pregnancy history to determine whether genetic testing is recommended. The assessment may also include evaluation of and treatment for maternal diseases.

The Physicians and Staff of the Center for Genetics and Maternal-Fetal Medicine believe that all women have the right to expect the best professional care. Our group offers a wide spectrum of services and expertise.

The philosophy and principles of our center are non-judgmental and non-directive counseling with comprehensive medical care. This means that all of our patients receive the complete and undivided attention they deserve. We will always explain the medical condition and all of your options to you. We support you and your decisions related to your medical care.

Complete consultation, evaluation and management of high-risk pregnancy care including fetal and/or maternal problems.

  • Pre-conception Evaluation
  • History of Pregnancy Complications
  • Fetal Abnormalities
  • Antepartum Testing
  • Evaluation and Management of Medical Diseases During Pregnancy
    • Cardiac, Pulmonary, Renal
    • Hepatic
    • Endocrine
    • Neurologic
    • Diabetes
    • Collagen-Vascular Disease
    • Hematologic and Coagulation Abnormalities
    • Infectious Diseases
    • Multiple Gestation
    • Habitual Abortion
    • Management of Iso-immunization in Pregnancy
    • Other Complex Medical Conditions
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