Breastfeeding Services

Women’s Care is prepared to support your choice to breastfeed with our Breastfeeding Consultation Services and Breastfeeding Classes. For your convenience, we offer breastfeeding assistance by telephone or office consultation. We also offer a complete line of breastfeeding supplies for purchase or rent. Breastfeeding should be an enjoyable experience, and mothers facing challenges should seek the assistance of a lactation consultant to help overcome them. A lactation consultant can help to identify the issues and work with you to develop a plan addressing the challenges, thereby allowing you and your baby to enjoy a mutually beneficial breastfeeding experience.

Miffy Davis, RN, IBCLC has worked in the maternal-child health care field for 32 years; the last 25 being dedicated to lactation support and breast health. Educating families about breastfeeding is her passion. Please call Miffy at (541) 912-9069 for any breastfeeding-related questions. She is here to support you.