The Importance of Postpartum Check-Ups

A postpartum checkup is a visit with your physician or midwife after having a baby to ensure you are recovering well from pregnancy and birth. This is an important part of the fourth trimester for long-term health and well-being. A postpartum checkup should happen 3-6 weeks after giving birth and [Read More]

Let’s Talk Menopause

Menopause often sparks questions for women about their health. While most people have heard of menopause, there are actually three stages of menopause. We are here to walk you through what each of these stages entails along with how the team at Women’s Care can help ease the uncertainty and [Read More]

Meet Our New Midwives – A Vital Part of the Team

Women’s Care is excited to welcome two new midwives, Kate & Madison, to our team. As we start the New Year, we are excited to grow and continue serving our community with the expertise and care that gave us our name. Women’s Care is here to support your health, your [Read More]

The Importance of the Fourth Trimester

What is the Fourth Trimester? Postpartum health for new moms, now commonly referred to as the fourth trimester, is just as important as the other trimesters in making sure that both baby and mom are doing well. Filling out a Fourth Trimester Plan to identify your support system and strategies ahead [Read More]

The Basics of Nutrition and Pregnancy

It may seem obvious, but nutrition is one of the most important aspects to consider during pregnancy. Good nutrition and eating well will give you the strength you need to meet the heavy demands of your body while giving your baby what they need to develop. Women’s Care understands the [Read More]

What You Need to Know About the COVID-19 Vaccine and Pregnancy

For many, raising a family and having children is a dream. Children can bring joy and happiness into one’s life! Women’s Care understands that the past two years have been extremely difficult from the COVID-19 pandemic and that it has raised numerous questions about safe pregnancy. Now, the main concern [Read More]

Midwife Program Updates

Midwife Program Providers Expansion Lots of exciting changes have been taking place within our midwife program. Women’s Care is thrilled to have two midwives joining our team! Brooklynne Travis joined Women’s Care in March. She moved with her family from Salt Lake City, Utah and we are so excited to [Read More]

Dr. Kyle’s Mammogram Experience

I don’t know about you, but I find mammograms to be a little scary. Every year I think, is it my year to join my sister, who got breast cancer at age 38? Is it my year to get chemo? Can I beat it so it doesn’t change my life [Read More]

WellMama: A Safe Place to Say “I’m Not Okay”

WellMama is a nonprofit organization that provides pregnancy and postpartum support for women and their families in Eugene and Springfield. These services include: support for families who are struggling with emotions related to reproductive health issues, the first few years of postpartum, adoption, infertility and perinatal loss. Women’s Care proudly [Read More]

5 Tips for Coping With and Managing Holiday Stress

5 Ways to Cope With Holiday Stress While the holiday season is a joyous time for many, it can also be a painful reminder of what’s missing. Whether it’s the loss of a spouse, friend or pregnancy, or the longing for two pink lines on a pregnancy test, the stress [Read More]